The Meanings of Motorcycle Patches?

Answer Motorcycle or biker patches are worn to identify a motorcycle rider as a member of a particular club, according to the BikerPatches website. The patches typically show the logo, name and other insi... Read More »

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The Different Meanings of PDA?

From "Personal Digital Assistant" (less commonly known as a "Personal Data Assistant") to "Public Displays of Affection," from "Potato Dextrose Agar" to "Photo-Diode Array" or even "Private Detecti... Read More »

Riding Motorcycle to gun show today, If I purchace a rifle, whats the proper way to carry it on a motorcycle?

If your bike gets 50 mpg and your 4-wheel conveyance gets 13 mpg, you'll save about $30 by riding the bike. Weigh the hassle of hanging onto a rifle on a bike and possibly getting in rain and bugs... Read More »

What are the meanings of all the ratings?

18 - you have to be 18 or over to see it, 15 - you have to be 15 or over to see it, 12 - you have to be 12 or over to see it, PG - ask your parents permission to see it, U - for all ages to see

This or that girls name meanings?