The Meaning of the "Please Service Engine Soon" Light on a BMW?

Answer The "Service Engine Soon" light can come on in your BMW for many reasons. It appears to alert you to a malfunction or error so you can get a problem fixed before it gets worse.

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How to Reset a Service Engine Soon Light?

Modern automobiles use onboard computers keep track of how individual parts of an engine are performing, storing this data as error codes when problems are found. The service engine soon light will... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Service Engine Soon Light?

When the "Service Engine" light comes on in the dash, most of us just want to know how to make it go out. Yet that light is a source of help. It lets us know something is going wrong inside the eng... Read More »

How to Shut Off the "Service Engine Soon" Light?

The "service engine soon" light on your automobile is controlled by an onboard diagnostics module called an OBDII. The OBDII constantly monitors engine conditions and notifies you if there is an is... Read More »

How to Extinguish the "Service Engine Soon" Light on a Saturn Vue?

The "Service Engine Soon" light on a Saturn Vue comes on when there is a problem with the sensors, solenoids or valves that allow the engine to run properly. These various sensors can control funct... Read More »