The Meaning of a Hibiscus Flower?

Answer The hibiscus flower, while native to Asia and the Pacific Islands, is grown all over the world and comes in over 200 species. Hibiscus bloom in hues of red, pink, orange, yellow and white, each var... Read More »

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What does an hibiscus flower look like? (has a photo gallery at bottom of article)

How to Draw a Cartoon Hibiscus Flower?

A hibiscus flower is a well known motif that you may associate with Hawaii or surfing. Here's how to draw one.

Types of Red Hibiscus Flower Trees?

Red hibiscus flower trees are part of the mallow plant family and produce large, deeply-colored blooms up to 10 inches wide, along with large green leaves. These striking red cultivars, called "coc... Read More »

Meaning of the Camellia Flower?

Native to tropical and subtropical Asia, the camellia is called "the empress of the winter," brightening gardens from autumn through spring with its beautiful large blossoms and dark glossy leaves.... Read More »