The Meaning of Variables for Science Projects?

Answer When research is conducted in scientific areas, variables are any conditions or factors that can be adjusted, changed or eliminated during the course of the experimental process. Examples of variab... Read More »

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Science Projects With Variables That Are the Same and Some That Change?

Many science projects involve the use of "variables," which is a condition in the experiment that changes. Science projects also make use of "controls," which involve a condition or set of conditio... Read More »

Dependent Variables for Science Projects?

Science fair projects provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of the basic principles of the scientific method. With any science fair project, the student has to id... Read More »

Science Fair Projects That Have Dependent Variables That Can Be Measured?

When you complete a science fair experiment, you use both independent and dependent variables. While an independent variable is under your control, the dependent variable is that which changes as a... Read More »

Easy Science Fair Projects With Variables for Middle School Students?

Gone are the days of making volcano eruptions with baking soda and vinegar or creating invisible ink. You're in middle school now and training to become a future scientist. This means designing a s... Read More »