The Meaning of Temple Garments?

Answer In the Mormon, or Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), religion, most faithful adult church members wear special undergarments called temple garments. They help to keep faithful visit... Read More »

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Bulging vein in right temple causing eye, temple, ear, and neck pain?

Prudent* to see a general surgeon*/local homeopath [for less costs] for physical examination, relevant investigations, accurate diagnosis and permanent cure by medication and or surgical interferen... Read More »

Purpose of Compression Garments?

Compression garments are commonly recommended for surgical patients, athletes, edema patients and anyone with poor circulation. This type of clothing is meant to improve and accelerate healing, pro... Read More »

Types of Necklines of Garments?

The type of neckline of the garment you wear can drastically change your appearance. A garment with a turtleneck looks conservative and carries an air of sophistication. In comparison a garment wit... Read More »

How to Damage or Distress Garments?

People express themselves through their clothing, whether consciously or unconsciously. Young people, in particular, usually feel the need to say something by the way they dress. They often embrace... Read More »