The Meaning of Blue Tulips?

Answer Blue tulips are not a natural phenomenon. To create blue tulips, white tulips may be dyed to achieve the right color. Hybrid tulip species in shades of violet and lilac may also be created to make ... Read More »

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Are There Blue Tulips?

Tulips are unusual-looking flowers because of their tall slender stems and turban-shaped flowers. Originally from Persia and Turkey -- not Holland -- tulips are one of the symbols of spring. ... Read More »

Meaning of a blue rose?

Rose Color Meaning:White Roses - Innocence and purityGreen Roses - FertilityYellow Roses - Joy and friendshipLavender Roses - EnchantmentOrange Roses - Enthusiasm, passionRed Roses - Love and roman... Read More »

What is the meaning of a blue Violet?

the blue violet represents faithfullness & truth.

What is the meaning of finding a blue jay feather?

One of the most colorful birds, the blue jay, was named for its blue plumage and the Latin "gaius," which means gay or merry. A blue jay's feather, when found, is said to have mystical powers.Early... Read More »