The Maximum Debt Limit Ratio?

Answer A debt limit ratio, more often called a debt-to-limit ratio or debt utilization, compares your current debt versus your maximum available credit. Expressed as a percentage, your debt utilization de... Read More »

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What is the maximum row limit in MS Office 2003?

Excel 2003, the spreadsheet utility in Microsoft Office 2003, has a maximum of 65,536 rows. If you attempt to open a spreadsheet with more than 65,536 rows, the end of the spreadsheet is truncated.... Read More »

Why can cars exceed the maximum speed limit?

The extra power is there for climbing hills, mountain roads, and pulling trailers etc etc, NOT for speeding.

What is the minimum and maximum speed limit on MN100?

It is a freeway, posted 60 mph limit, maximum, freeway minimum is 45 mph unless unsafe.

CSMA/CD... minimum and a maximum size frame limit?

The 64 byte (Ethernet) minimum limit is based on the fact that - if you follow the standards for cable lengths and number of hops in the Ethernet segment - one node may not "hear" the transmission ... Read More »