The Many Uses of Birch Wood?

Answer Predominant in North America, over 50 birch tree species exist throughout the world, according to the website The Woodbox. A member of the betula family, some species of the birch tree include shru... Read More »

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Birch Wood vs. Beech Wood?

Birch and beech trees have similar-sounding names, grow in many of the same areas and often thrive in the same climates. However, the two woods are different from each other and have many individua... Read More »

Is birch wood toxic?

According to the Kansas City Woodturner's newsletter, the sawdust of birch wood is potentially harmful to those who are allergic to aspirin. Birch contains salicylic acid, which can trigger an alle... Read More »

How hard is birch wood?

The paper birch (Betula papyrifera) is an ornamental tree that grows well in USDA Hardiness Zones 2 through 7. This tree matures to a height of 50 to 75 feet and features a close-grained, non-splin... Read More »

Is birch a hard wood?

Birch is a hardwood from the deciduous family of trees, which lose their leaves each year. It has closed pores and fine wood-grain texture, making it ideal for flooring that requires a clear finish... Read More »