The Main Components of a Car's Alternator?

Answer The alternator in a vehicle operates like a miniature power station. Internal components spin with the engine generating electricity, which the alternator regulates and disperses through the engine... Read More »

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Main Components of an Alternator?

An engine's alternator maintains the voltage to the car's battery, which powers the lights, heater and other accessories. It is analogous to a generator as it produces electricity through a turbine... Read More »

What Are the Main Components of a Business Plan?

A business plan is used to plan, manage and communicate the objectives and operations of your business. According to the Small Business Administration, writing a business plan helps you plan growth... Read More »

Main Components of Cylinder Heads & Their Function?

The cylinder head is located at the top of the engine block. Made from aluminum or iron, it seals the piston chambers, ensuring adequate pressure within them. The first engines using this technolog... Read More »

Main Components of a Company's Business Model?

A business model is similar to a business plan in that it outlines how a company will operate and obtain revenue. However, business plans usually are used to start up a company, while business mode... Read More »