The Location of the Oxygen Sensor on an Engine?

Answer The oxygen sensor is part of an engine's computer controls. The sensor monitors the oxygen levels in the vehicle's exhaust system and sends this data to the main engine computer. The computer analy... Read More »

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Is the Oxygen Sensor Part of the Engine?

Modern automobiles rely on sophisticated computerized engine management systems that include fuel injection, and monitor the air/fuel ratio by means of oxygen sensors in the exhaust system. Thus, o... Read More »

Location of the 2002 Volvo V70 Engine Temperature Sensor?

The engine temperature and coolant sensor alerts you when your engine is about to overheat. Information from the sensor about the engine's temperature is displayed on the vehicle's dash. If this se... Read More »

The Location of an Engine Coolant Sensor in a 1998 Malibu?

In 1997, Chevrolet released an all-new, front-driven Malibu. In 1998, the Malibu came standard with a 150-horsepower, 2.4-liter engine, and had the option of a 150-horsepower, 3.1-liter V-6. Both e... Read More »

How to Replace an Oxygen Sensor Engine Light?

An automobile has several warning lights embedded into the dash, and after years of service the bulbs in these lights burn out. Replacing them involves disassembling the dashboard, and possibly the... Read More »