The Location of the Fuel Filter in the 2000 Nissan Quest?

Answer Is your engine losing power? Is your gas mileage decreasing? Is your car having trouble starting? These are all indications that something may be wrong with your fuel filter. The fuel filter helps ... Read More »

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How to Change the Fuel Filter in a Nissan Quest?

Up until 1999, the base model of the Quest came stock with a V6, which is a relatively small engine. Later production years came equipped with a larger, 3.5-liter engine. Changing the fuel filter y... Read More »

The Location of the Fuel Filter on a 2000 Saturn SL1?

Starting in 1999, Saturn designed an anti-return fuel injection system on the S-series, L-series and the Saturn Ion. Prior to 1999, the fuel filter was located on the front frame rail near the engi... Read More »

How often should the fuel filter be changed on a 2000 Nissan Altima?

According to the 2000 Nissan Altima owner's manual, the fuel filter should be changed when clogged. A clogged filter causes the driver to be unable to bring the vehicle to speed as desired. Nissa... Read More »

How to Install an Air Filter on an '04 Nissan Quest?

Nissan advises replacing the Quest's air filter once every year or about once every 15,000 miles. The filter keeps dust and debris from entering your intake and ending up in your engine. As the fil... Read More »