The Lift problem, bugged me for years!?

Answer Yes, and just about every bone in your body because the roof of the lift will crash down on you.********OK, if the roof doesn't crush you, then it's just about the same as you jumping straight off ... Read More »

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I Am 13 years old and need help with a local problem!!!?

Being 13 would be hard especially with out your parent's help... You might be able to attend a PTA meeting about it and hear what the discussion about it is. After, I would suggest making an appoin... Read More »

I am 17 years old and i have a problem when i workot at gym?

Start from lower pounds and when you get used to it go higher in lbs

Incontinence problem 14 years old?

Incontinence means loss of control of the bladder or of your bowels. You don't have that.You have the FEELING that you are going to urinate but it's not happening. A UTI is painful Read More »

How can someone tell if their phone is being bugged?

There's no way to tell until the indictment is handed down. Be aware that phone tapping is illegal unless you're law enforcement and have a valid warrant signed by a judge. It's not permitted in ci... Read More »