The Life of a Pumpkin Plant?

Answer Pumpkins are angiosperms, or flowering plants, whose eggs require fertilization to grow. These plants are dependent on insects to help pollinate their flowers and their edible fruits can grow to en... Read More »

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I have a pumpkin plant with a small pumpkin growing on it,it is growing quite slowly. what should i feed it?

How to Pollinate a Pumpkin Plant?

Birds do it and bees do it -- but bees also help all kinds of plants do it too. If bees are scarce in your neighborhood, whether honeybees or native bees, plant pollination will be incomplete. That... Read More »

How to Plant Pumpkin Seeds?

Planting pumpkins is surprisingly easy to do, and once fully grown and ripe, there are many ways you can use the fruits of your labor! Here's how.

What is a pumpkin tree plant?

The pumpkin tree plant (Solanum integrifolium) is a species of plant that is in the nightshade family. Although the pumpkin tree plant grows clusters of fruit resembling the shape of tiny pumpkins,... Read More »