The Life & Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad?

Answer Muhammad is revered by Muslims as the founder of Islam. He is considered by many Muslims to be the last of the Islamic prophets. He has been termed the most important person in history.

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How Did Muhammad Become a Prophet?

Followers of Islam (Muslims) believe that God revealed his final message to man to the prophet Muhammad, according to Muslims believe in many prophets, including Adam, Noah, Abraham,... Read More »

Did prophet muhammad have a step sister?

No, because both his parents only married once. He could have only had a step-sister if one of his natural parents had married someone who already had a daughter.

In what verse did the prophet Muhammad tell the people to bow for prayer?

According to Islamic doctrine, the Koran is the word of God as dictated to the prophet Muhammad. There are multiple Koranic injunctions for prostration during prayer. The first is in the second sur... Read More »

How to Live Your Life According to the Teachings of Epicurus?

Epicurus was a famous Roman philosopher who taught teachings that are a great way of living life. His key teaching was that pleasure is in fact the abscene of pain, rather than an overabundance of ... Read More »