The Life Cycle & Colors of Grasshoppers?

Answer One of the world's worst insect pests, the grasshopper has a voracious appetite. The insect's staple diet consists of grass and crops, but it will also consume shrubs, trees and other plants. Grass... Read More »

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Life Cycle of a Centipede?

Chilopoda is the order that includes centipedes. They are called this because it appears that they have one hundred legs. They are long and almost worm-like with long spindly legs coming out of the... Read More »

Life Cycle of a Quail?

The quail is a very interesting bird. It is not one of the most common that we see everyday on our front lawns or perched on the telephone wire. Thus, its tendencies, habits and life cycle are not ... Read More »

Life Cycle of a Whipworm?

The whipworm (trichuris vulpis) commonly infects dogs. The small two-inch worms reside in the intestinal tract of the canine where the large intestine joins with the small intestine. The worm sport... Read More »

Life Cycle of Sphenophyta?

Sphenophyta, also known as horsetails or foxtails, are a class of plants related to ferns. They grow in moist areas and are characterized by a single central stack with needle-like leaves growing r... Read More »