The Levenson Release Technique?

Answer The release technique was introduced in 1952 by Lester Levenson, a physicist and engineer. It's a self help program that claims to teach its participants to emotionally release negativity to achiev... Read More »

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Is Percocet an immediate-release or a sustained-release?

Percocet, often spelled percoset, is a combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone, a narcotic analgesic. Both drugs are released into your system immediately. This means that the effects will wear ... Read More »

What is bag technique?

It the proper way of using the OB Clinical set in Nursing education. The proper handling of this bag and its proper maintainance for its content.It is the proper way of using the OB Clinical set in... Read More »

Pin Striping Technique?

Pin striping is defined as a thin line of color on a contrasting background. Pin stripes are a pattern in cloth, but pin striping technique usually refers to the application of decorative paint on ... Read More »

What is the silkscreen technique?

Silkscreening is a method of imposing an image onto a surface. It achieves this by pressing ink through a mesh material containing a stencil of the desired image.ApplicationsThough silkscreening is... Read More »