The Legacy of Colonial Religious & Political Ideas of the American Rebels in 1776?

Answer The political and religious contributions of the American rebels of 1776, also known as the Founding Fathers, will stand the test of time. The Declaration of Independence has kept America together,... Read More »

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How did religion affect the political life of colonial times?

Religion intertwined with politics throughout most of the American colonies. Religious belief played a role in the government of New England colonies and affected the policies of the Middle Colonie... Read More »

Projects for Colonial American Literature?

The colonial period in American history lasts from the beginning of the settlement at Jamestown in 1607 to the ending of the American Revolution in 1783. This time was one of immense hardship for t... Read More »

How to Make Colonial American Clothes?

Elementary-school children learn about life in colonial times in America. Teachers often incorporate into these lessons a day where the children dress as colonial children did. Coming up with costu... Read More »

American Kids in History Activities for Colonial Day?

Teachers love learning activities that are both fun and worthwhile. Colonial Day activities are not only fun but teach American history and may overlap other subjects including art. At the heart of... Read More »