The LCD screen for my Sony HandyCam doesn't work if it's all the way open?

Answer Probably the ribbon cable which carries the video signal from the camcorder body to the LCD screen is coming loose or has a short or bad soldier joint. This would be very difficult to fix yourself... Read More »

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My sony handycam got wet (fell in a river) and now it doesnt work..any one had this problem?

If you had let it dry out completely, it might've worked. The problem is when water shorts out the microprocessors. That can only happen when current is apply while there is still water in the system.

Sony Handycam DCR-SR42 Scrolling screen?

It's most likely a broken LCD flex cable which goes through the hinge. It's a common problem with these cameras. If you're out of warranty, talk to Sony. They may acknowledge this defect and negoti... Read More »

Sony handycam wont work on windows 7?

why ask google? you should ask sony, all the help you require is here >>…

Why when I hit print screen it doesnt work?

On most computers, the only thing that the Print Screen button does is take a snapshot of the current screen and posts it to your computer's clipboard. If you want to print the screen, go to the Pa... Read More »