The Kinds of Zebras?

Answer Only three species of zebra exist as of 2011. All of them have striping that helps the animal blend in with its herd, though the striping changes slightly between species. According to the African ... Read More »

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What color are zebras when they are born?

Zebra foals are dark brown and white when they are born. Underneath their hair, zebras have black skin. When zebras mature, they usually have white coats with black or sometimes brown stripes. Some... Read More »

School Projects About Zebras?

Zebras' exotic looks and natural speed, along with the engaging environment in which they live, make them popular topics of study for students. By learning about these creatures that differ so much... Read More »

How are zebras important in the ecosystem?

Zebras are famous for their stripes, but they also play a crucial role in the ecosystem. Native to Africa, zebras are grazing animals that help keep certain plants in check by eating them.FunctionT... Read More »

Do baby zebras have stripes?

Baby zebras are born with dark brown and white stripes, becoming black and white striped with maturity. Newborn zebra foals weigh between 55 and 88 lbs. at birth, and can walk within 20 minutes and... Read More »