The Kinds of Triangles in Montessori Math?

Answer Montessori is an instructional style created by Maria Montessori in the early 20th century. In the Montessori method, pupils learn at their own pace. Montessori focuses on children-centered items a... Read More »

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Montessori Math Resources?

A variety of materials are used to teach students in Montessori classroom mathematics. While the process of learning using the Montessori philosophy leaves much up to the student, resources are ava... Read More »

Interactive Math Games for Triangles?

Interactive triangle games and puzzles are plentiful on the web, allowing players to solidify geometry skills while being distracted by play. Shape games such as tangrams and tessellations have bec... Read More »

How to Join Triangles to Make Quadrilaterals in Math?

When you join two triangles to form a quadrilateral, the quadrilateral will have properties that depend on the properties of the triangles. Conversely, when you draw diagonals and divide a quadrila... Read More »

Montessori Materials That Teach Math Concepts?

Montessori materials are based on the Italian physician Maria Montessori's analysis on how children educate themselves from what they find in their environment. From the time she reached this concl... Read More »