The Java Code That Checks the Input Value With the Array Value?

Answer Using a Java method, you can figure out whether a specific data value matches an item in an array. By iterating through the array, checking each value against the input value passed as a parameter ... Read More »

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How to Remove an Element Array Value in PHP?

You can use PHP to sort through an array and remove any instances of an element with a specific value. PHP doesn't have a built-in function to perform this process, so you must write a short loop t... Read More »

How do I search for a value in an unsorted array in excel?

If you want the really easy way to find a specific value and then know the Cell Reference, or have a message saying it was not found, then just do the following: 1. Use the shortcut key combinatio... Read More »

How do I find the largest value in an array in Visual Basic?

Create an array and fill it with data. Naturally, you can skip this step if you already have an array you would like to find the largest value in. To do this, click "File," "New Project" and select... Read More »

In matlab, write a function that takes an array as input and returns its mean.?

Create an m-file like this:function m = my_mean(v)s = sum(v);m = s/length(v);Call it from your main code or from any other script, like thisv = [1 2 3 4 5 6 10 32]m = my_mean(v)Compare with the bui... Read More »