The Invention of the Car Engine?

Answer Although the automobile is considered to be an American creation, the invention of the automobile engine is rooted in Europe. It developed over a period of more than a century from the use of steam... Read More »

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What was before the invention of the CD?

Cd's replaced Long Play (LP) vinyl records and Single records in the 1990,s.Cassettes replaced 8 tracks back in the 1970'sPS. The funny thing I found is if you go to some night clubs they are still... Read More »

What should I name this "invention"?

Its supposed to help you remember thingsIt’s a ringHow about Remembe-Ring

What's the best invention out there?

Would you buy this invention Be honest....?

Its a very interesting idea, although if you havent patented it it's perhaps not the best idea to describe it in detail on a open web forum like this as it may count as "in the wild" and restrict y... Read More »