The Intent & Purpose of Preventative Maintenance?

Answer The general intent and purpose of preventive maintenance is to keep an automobile in good repair, which will help limit major problems down the road. Preventive maintenance cannot prevent all majo... Read More »

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Types of Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is an important part of owning a car and keeping it in good running condition. Following the recommended maintenance schedule in the owner's manual can greatly reduce the r... Read More »

What is meant by a preventative maintenance program?

A preventative maintenance program, also called preventive maintenance, is the scheduled, responsive maintenance activities on things like roads and equipment to keep them in good working order. Re... Read More »

Preventative Maintenance for an Air Release Valve?

Air release valves are installed in piping systems that are designed to carry fluids, especially water or water-based fluids. No system is perfect, and over time air can become trapped in the syste... Read More »

Tips on Writing an Undergrad Letter of Purpose or Intent?

Some undergraduate institutions today require that prospective students write a statement of purpose or letter of intent to accompany his application. The main thrust of the letter or statement is ... Read More »