The Insurance Definition of a Dependent?

Answer When negotiating an insurance coverage policy with an insurance company, it is important that you know every technical term stipulated in the contract or the oral deal. If you sign a paper without ... Read More »

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Can an employer force you to keep insurance on dependent children if your ex has insurance on them but the insurance won't drop coverage unless there is a court order for the ex to cover them?

Answer Your employer can not legally force you to insure anyone unless the employer is in possession of a court order that requires the employer to keep this coverage in place. Answer In going thru... Read More »

What is the definition of a dependent for taxes?

For tax purposes, a dependent is a person other than the taxpayer or spouse who entitles the taxpayer to claim a dependency exemption. This exemption decreases the taxpayer's income that is subject... Read More »

Definition of a Federal Income Tax Dependent?

When it's time to file taxes, the deductions given for dependents and their expenses can greatly reduce your tax bill. However, not every person in your household can be considered a dependent. The... Read More »

Can anyone be a dependent on insurance?

There are regulations governing who can be considered a dependent on insurance. Those regulations vary by state and are also determined by whether it is a group or individual health or life insuran... Read More »