The Installation Details for an Interior Metal Ceiling Liner Panel?

Answer Tin ceilings have been a standard ceiling treatment since the Victorian era when they were quite popular. Ceiling panels are stamped in shallow molds in the shape of intricate designs. Often such p... Read More »

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If you aren't supposed to heat metal in the microwave, how come the interior is made of metal?

The metal in a microwave oven does not react because the edges are smooth. You could place a plain spoon with Absolutely no decoration in a nuker and it will not spark. But if you place a fork in t... Read More »

Inground Liner Installation?

Inground pools with vinyl liners need to have the liner replaced every five to 15 years, depending on weather, care and use. This project can be done by the pool owner or by a professional. ... Read More »

Oval Pool Liner Installation Instructions?

An oval pool liner requires the same basic method of installation that is necessary for a round liner. Because of the larger size of an oval liner, it may be harder to work with than a smaller, rou... Read More »

Installation Details for a Window Replacement?

Few projects can more quickly and completely improve the look and efficiency of your home than installing replacement windows. Today's replacement window units come already installed in their casin... Read More »