The Ingredients in Neutralizing Shampoo?

Answer Neutralizing shampoo brings chemically-treated hair back to a healthy pH level. Neutralizing shampoo users often use a color indicator in conjunction with the shampoo to test the hair's pH. Differe... Read More »

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Regular Shampoo vs. Neutralizing Shampoo?

Regular shampooing is an essential part of keeping your hair healthy and shiny. Although there are different opinions in regards to the optimal frequency of shampooing, it is generally considered t... Read More »

Ingredients for Dry Shampoo?

Dry shampoo offers its users freedom from dull and lifeless hair. Marketed toward individuals short on time who want their messed-up hair fixed quickly without having to take a bath or shower, dry ... Read More »

Shampoo Ingredients?

Shampoo's primary function is to remove grease and dirt from your scalp and hair. It is mainly water and detergent, but contains other ingredients to make it more appealing to use. Those other ingr... Read More »

Dog Shampoo Ingredients?

Ingredients in dog shampoos may be naturally occurring substances, termed "organic," because that they are found in nature. Other ingredients are synthetically created in a laboratory environment. ... Read More »