The Importance of Reciprocals in Math?

Answer Reciprocals are numbers or algebraic expressions that can be multiplied together to make the number one. The concept of reciprocals pops up everywhere from mathematics to calculus. It is even featu... Read More »

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Importance of Math for Children?

You have probably heard many children ask why they need to learn math and when they will ever need to use it. Children should understand that mathematics is applied to practically every aspect of o... Read More »

The Importance of Math Games?

Games make all kinds of learning easier whether played in the classroom or at home. In the classic book "Games for Math," Peggy Kaye notes that games "put children in exactly the right frame of min... Read More »

Importance of Estimations in Classroom Math?

In most math classes, the exact answer is sought after and praised. However, estimation skills play a vital role in everyday adult life and can help students develop other skills, such as conceptua... Read More »

Importance of Hands-on Manipulatives in Math?

Instead of textbooks and pencils, students in math class often have counters, blocks and square tiles on their desks. They are not just playing, they are learning math. Manipulatives are physical o... Read More »