The History of the Electric Handheld Hair Dryer?

Answer Hair dryers are a common household good that nearly every woman owns. With the variety of models of technology available, there is an electric handheld hair dryer suitable for any hair type and pri... Read More »

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Who invented the handheld hair dryer?

The first hand-held, electric hair dryers were developed and released by both the U.S. Racine Universal Motor Company and the Hamilton Beach Company. Alexandre Godefoy had first invented a hair dry... Read More »

Who invented the electric hair dryer?

The first hair dryer was created by Alexandre F. Godefroy in his salon in France. Much different from handheld models, which appeared in 1920, Godefroy's hair dryer was a machine people sat under, ... Read More »

Who invented the first electric hair dryer?

Alexandre Godefoy filed the first patent for the electric hair dryer in 1890. Godefoy used this hair dryer in his salon in France. The hair dryer was similar to the design of the vacuum cleaner of ... Read More »

How Does an Electric Hair Dryer Work?

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