The History of the Crew Cut?

Answer George Washington ordered his army recruits to get their hair cut in a crew cut when he founded our army. This very short style has been given to boys from the 1940s to present day. The crew cut wa... Read More »

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Which crew on Americas best dance crew 2 will be eliminated on week7?

They are working on getting down to 12 contestants from 36 by having voting for the top three in each of three groups of 12. That will be done the first week of Mar 2009 and the Judges will add thr... Read More »

How to Row (Crew)?

Rowing is a sport in the Olympics and is also a sport provided in many colleges and high schools. The most common boats rowed are the single, double, pair, quad, four or eight. Whatever you choose,... Read More »

What does an F-15 crew chief do?

nothing.... absolutely nothing, F-16 crew chiefs on the other hand conquer worlds...

Who was the crew of Apollo 5?

From what I read, it was an unmanned mission.