The History of the Cobra 427 Automobile?

Answer The Cobra 427 is a model of the AC Cobra, a British sports car manufactured by AC Cars Group in the early 1960s. The car is also known as the Shelby Cobra and is a two-door roadster that today can ... Read More »

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Automobile Design History?

The look of cars follows the trends and desires of the people, but as the cars of the late 1990s prove, there is nothing new in their design. Like all other fashions, the design of cars now goes in... Read More »

The History of Automobile Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning is almost universal on vehicles as of 2010. Many automakers have it featured as a standard option on even their budget models and trim levels. There are people who can't remember a... Read More »

History of the Automobile Brake System?

Newton determined that an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by a force. When an automobile is in motion, a force has to be applied to stop its motion. This stopping action is a... Read More »

History of Automobile Safety Glass?

When car windows are hit by objects, they don't shatter because cars have laminated safety glass. It is made by placing a thin layer of clear, plastic film between two or more pieces of glass. The ... Read More »