The History of the Chinese Woodblock Print?

Answer Woodblock printing is a method of printing that was used originally for words and text, but later became used mainly for pictures and images. It originated in China, and quickly spread throughout A... Read More »

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Where in the Seattle area can I sell a Japanese woodblock print and get a fair price for it?

I have a contact who lives in Seattle luv so I'll star this and see if he can help.

Step-By-Step on Woodblock Print?

Woodblock printmaking began in ancient Japan as a way for Buddhist monks to record scripture. It later evolved into an intricate art form, with designs begin printed in many different colors. For t... Read More »

The History of the Chinese Spinning Top?

The spinning top is one of the oldest toys in human history. The first people to invent the top is unknown, as similar toys have emerged in cultures across the world (the Japanese "koma," and the J... Read More »

History of the Chinese Gong?

The gong is a type of musical instrument thought to have originated in China, though the actual word "gong" comes from Javanese. Though they sprang from Asia, they eventually spread to Europe. Gong... Read More »