The History of the Barber Pole?

Answer Most people (of a certain age) have seen a barber pole with colorful spiral stripes outside of a barber shop, although most modern salons have discontinued the practice. The history of the barber ... Read More »

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What does red&white on a barber's pole stand for?

In the Dark Ages, clergy performed some surgical duties. After the 1163 Council of Tours, the duties transferred exclusively to barbers, who performed minor surgery and bloodletting along with fash... Read More »

How to Get Rid of the Barber Pole Worm in Sheep?

Barber Pole Worm, also known as Haemonchus contortus, is a parasite found in sheep that can lead to bottle jaw, anemia and death. According to research animal scientist Joan Burke, different popula... Read More »

What did the original red&white stripes on a barber pole represent?

The red and white stripes on a barber pole are representative of the practice of bloodletting, which was often performed by barbers. The white stripe of the pole is representative of a clean bandag... Read More »

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