The History of the 67 Ford Mustang?

Answer The Ford Motor Company redesigned the 1967 Ford Mustang to compete against a new crop of muscle cars that included the Chevrolet Camaro and Chevelle, the Dodge Charger and the Plymouth Barracuda. T... Read More »

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Ford Mustang History and Development?

Not many cars can boast a love-affair with the American public like the Mustang can. The Mustang has enjoyed a enduring relationship with the American public since its introduction in the mid-1960s... Read More »

1968 Ford Mustang Vs. 2007 Ford Mustang?

Mustangs are one of the most popular sports cars in existence---hence, the reason for their continued popularity. Two popular models were the 1968 and 2007 models---created 29 years apart, but cont... Read More »

History of the '66 Mustang?

The 1966 Ford Mustang represented the most refined of the 1964 ½ through 1966 Mustangs before the radical restyling of the 1967 models. Although not much different in styling or under the hood tha... Read More »

The History of the P-52 Mustang?

The North American P-51 Mustang, originally produced in 1940, was a high performance fighter aircraft that was instrumental in the Allied victory in World War II. The Mustang performed several diff... Read More »