The History of the 454ci Engine?

Answer The Chevrolet 454-cubic-inch V-8 engine was part of the Mark IV big-block V-8s that competed against Chrysler's 426 Hemi for muscle car supremacy. Chevy launched the Mark IV V-8s in 1965, but the 4... Read More »

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The History of the AMC 360 Engine?

The American Motors Corporation introduced the 360-cubic-inch V-8 engine in 1970 as part of its attempt to remain competitive with Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. Although not known for its musc... Read More »

The History of the Cadillac L62 V8-6-4 Engine?

Like so many ideas that were slightly ahead of their time, the Cadillac V8-6-4 engine was an unabashed abomination of a thing. Based on one of the best V-8 engines ever produced, the V8-6-4 was a c... Read More »

History of Car Engine Pistons?

Piston development is an interesting sort of thing in engine history, primarily because it's less a history of "development" than it is of utilization. Most piston materials, production methods and... Read More »

Mercedes Benz Engine History?

Mercedes-Benz produced well over 160 types of engines since the automaker's inception in 1886 when it introduced its first gasoline-powered, belt-driven six-horsepower two-cylinder engine. Since th... Read More »