The History of Tattoos & Piercings in Tribes?

Answer The practice of tattooing and piercing is widespread in tribes throughout the world. Practices, beliefs and materials differ among tribes and regions. As Europeans began exploring the world, they l... Read More »

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Does anyone have any tattoos or piercings If so, what are they?

butterfly on the small of my back and a pierced tongueeventually i want to get one of those corset piercings on my back or side

Would this be too much Piercings/tattoos?

that doesnt sound like alot but make sure you get the piercings a couple months apart , also the tattoos tooyupp, thats a beauty of retainers and long sleeve/high collared clothing , can always hi... Read More »

Tattoos OR Piercings?

I'll take you to get both ;Di have 6 tattoosI'll go there I have so many English contacts to do lol

How Many Tattoos Or Piercings Do You Have?

I have 3 tattoos.One star on each wrist and a star design on my left sholder.I love them.I have 7 piercings , 4 on one ear on 3 on the other.I had my lip pierced from age 16-18. but I got a job and... Read More »