The History of Professional Nursing?

Answer The history of professional nursing goes back centuries, although a formal licensure and career education track for nurses is more of a 20th century phenomenon. Before then, it was mainly practiced... Read More »

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What does professional nursing mean?

In earlier times, a lay nurse treated common ailments without having a formal education in medicine. Today, nurses are required to meet educational requirements and maintain licensing to work in th... Read More »

What Professional Nursing Means?

What images come to mind when you think of a professional nurse? A profession, by definition, according to Choose, is any occupation that requires you to have specialized education and ... Read More »

Professional Regulations of Nursing?

Every nurse is bound by certain regulations which vary by state. These regulations either directly or indirectly affect her daily practice. At the heart of the debate about regulations: the safety ... Read More »

What is professional responsibility in nursing?

Professional responsibility in nursing is a set of standards developed for the profession. These standards are an oath or pledge for the nursing profession that has been developed by nursing school... Read More »