The History of Neoclassical Dance?

Answer Neoclassical dance is a 20th century dance form inspired by the movements and aesthetics of classical ballet. Always performed by classically-trained dancers, neoclassical dance from its inception ... Read More »

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The History of Fusion Dance?

The moment a dance technique is perfected, someone is bound to vary it somehow. Fusion dance is by nature a mix of classical and modern styles as well as eclectic regional styles. The tenants of fu... Read More »

Caribbean Dance History?

The islands in the Caribbean are well known as vacation destinations due to their unique blend of cultures and the natural beauty of their tropical location. The residents of these islands are know... Read More »

History of Serbian Dance?

Dancing is an important part of Serbian culture. Traditional dances often take place during religious ceremonies, Christmas and Easter. Serbia's most famous folk dances are performed in a circle.

History of the Dance Stroll?

The Stroll was a popular line dance that originated in the 1950s American youth culture. Popularized on the hit show "American Bandstand," the dance quickly swept across the country and inspired po... Read More »