The History of Japanese Small Knives?

Answer The Japanese small knife, or "tanto," generally has a single-edged, flat blade between 6 to 12 inches long. The first tanto appeared in the Heian age, which gained popularity several decades later,... Read More »

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What is the scabbard that Japanese steak-house chefs put their knives in?

Japanese steak-house chefs put their knives in wooden scabbards. The scabbards are shaped like knives, and each is made for its specific knife. Each scabbard typically has a small, braided string.S... Read More »

The History of Buck Knives?

Hoyt Buck, a Kansas blacksmith, crafted his first knife in 1902. His innovation was the development of a new process for tempering steel that improved the durability of the edge. Hoyt used discarde... Read More »

History of Japanese Pottery?

There are four main types of pottery in Japan; earthenware, unglazed stoneware, glazed pottery and porcelain. Pottery emerged over ten thousand years ago during the prehistoric era. The majority of... Read More »

What are those small japanese tree's called?