The History of Glazing?

Answer Pottery glazing has been around for almost as long as the human race. It is unknown exactly when people first started glazing their pottery, but most archeologists agree that it was sometime betwee... Read More »

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What Is PC Glazing?

In automobiles, glazing refers to the windshield and other windows which are typically made from glass. However, PC glazing has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional glass glazing.

Glazing a Car?

A paint job can make or break the look of a car. Nothing will draw more attention than a new deep glossy paint job. Unfortunately, as time passes, the luster fades and that shiny new car just doe... Read More »

What do you use glazing medium for?

Glazing medium is a versatile binding medium which, according to James Warwick Jones, professional artist and curator of the Charles H. Taylor Art Center in Hampton, Virginia, is most commonly used... Read More »

How do I do wall glazing?

Smooth the WallPrepare the wall by getting it as smooth as possible and ready for paint. Spackle, sand and prime the wall with a latex primer. Allow the primer to dry, and paint walls with two base... Read More »