The History of Dread Locks?

Answer Dreadlocks have a fascinating and colorful history--but it's one that's difficult to pin down. Although in modern society dreadlocks are often associated with hippies or marijuana, these associatio... Read More »

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What color should I dye my hair....I have dread locks?

Platinum! Dread up the carpet and add some funky looks;) Post pics when your done!

How to Dread a Beard?

Dreadlocks in beard are a permanent fashion statement. Some ongoing care is required, including special shampoos which do not untangle the dreadlocks. The tightly twisted locks of hair cannot typic... Read More »

How to Do Dread Extenders?

Neglecting to comb your hair and letting it knit together into clumps is the natural way to produce dreadlocks. These clumps are then pried apart to make large or small locks, depending on the styl... Read More »

How to Dread Hair?

There are many ways to dread hair; all have their own advantages and disadvantages.Keep in mind one simple rule: the more you do, the more damage you cause. Dreads should be effortless.