The History of Dread Locks?

Answer Dreadlocks have a fascinating and colorful history--but it's one that's difficult to pin down. Although in modern society dreadlocks are often associated with hippies or marijuana, these associatio... Read More »

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What color should I dye my hair....I have dread locks?

Platinum! Dread up the carpet and add some funky looks;) Post pics when your done!

How to Dread Hair Without Wax?

The Rastafarians first made dreadlocks a popular hairstyle. The look requires some type of sticky product to keep hair separated into individual dreads. Certain brands of hair wax are made for drea... Read More »

How to Dread Hair?

There are many ways to dread hair; all have their own advantages and disadvantages.Keep in mind one simple rule: the more you do, the more damage you cause. Dreads should be effortless.

How to Do Men's Dread Extensions?

Dreadlocks are a major part of Jamaican and Egyptian cultures. Also known as knotting, dreadlocks are worn by both males and females. Dreadlock extensions are available to individuals who are in th... Read More »