The History of Cloaks?

Answer Today, cloaks are the exception and no longer the rule as they were once. However, the movies have kept alive the dramatic image of cloaks. Images of Zorro, Batman, Superman and the Phantom of the ... Read More »

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French Cloaks in the 1800s?

While the words "cloak" and "cape" are often used interchangeably, they are actually slightly different articles of clothing. Capes generally stop just below the shoulders while cloaks are three-qu... Read More »

Do the army or navy have invisibility cloaks?

While there is reserch into this area being conducted, there is no technology currently that can "cloak" a physical object or person within the visible spectrum. Machines may be cloaked from other ... Read More »

Parents- how do you explain to a 7 years old why there are black history but not white history month?

You know I wonder that myself. I appreciate what the black community has done for our country. I'm thrilled that race has been more and more seen as just skin color and nothing more. I'm glad ra... Read More »

Middle School History Day Projects on Debate & Diplomacy in History?

National History Day is a program that allows students to learn about historical research. Each year a new theme is unveiled and participants complete research using both primary and secondary sour... Read More »