The History of Auto Paints?

Answer At the turn of the 20th century, the automobile industry was in its infancy. Auto paint at that time was inherited from horse carriage production, but new paints became necessary as the automobile... Read More »

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How to Use Air Paints for an Auto?

Painting your own vehicle is an activity that could save you a considerable amount of money and, for the enthusiast, be quite enjoyable as well. Before moving forward, you should know that "air" is... Read More »

Types of Auto Paints?

Painting a car requires planning, a dust-free environment and proper tools for a successful finish. Several types of paint can be used. Some are more toxic than others and require that a higher lev... Read More »

How to Mix Omni Auto Paints?

Like all automotive paint, the PPG Omni automotive paints must be mixed to achieve a clean, attractive and durable paint job. Clear, hardener and reducer are the three ingredients that must be mixe... Read More »

How to Mix Dupont Auto Paints?

There are many reasons why one may need to mix auto paint. DuPont auto paints can be mixed to create a different color, to lighten an existing color or to darken a color to different shade. It's im... Read More »