The Hazards of Mercury in Fluorescent Lighting?

Answer Fluorescent bulbs use a mercury vapor in the bulb to enable the illumination the bulb creates. The bulb runs a current through the interior of the light, a mixture of mercury and an inert gas. The ... Read More »

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Compact Fluorescent Hazards?

In a compact fluorescent bulb, electricity runs through mercury and argon gas between electrodes. Light is produced as a reaction when photons contact the inner coating of the bulb. Despite the ben... Read More »

How to Look Good in Fluorescent Lighting?

Most people have this problem...fluorescent lights are causing make-up to look bad. Here are some tips on how to look beautiful in fluorescent lighting.

Which is better: tungsten or fluorescent lighting?

On One Hand: Tungsten is More PowerfulTungsten lights are more powerful and, depending upon their use, they may be the better lighting option. To light larger areas, especially for larger, professi... Read More »

How to Replace Fluorescent Lighting?

Changing a standard incandescent light bulb is of course the simplest of tasks, and changing a newer compact fluorescent bulb is just as easy. However, you may find yourself pausing when it comes t... Read More »