The Hazards of Dismantling a Car?

Answer Some of your car's switches, sensors and displays contain mercury---an extremely dangerous chemical. Gasoline is toxic; direct contact will damage your skin. Though most dangerous when it turns to ... Read More »

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How to Check for Play in a 2 Stroke Crank Without Dismantling the Engine?

A quick way to tell if the bearings are definitely shot.Not foolproof but worth doing anyway.

Hazards Of H2O?

Water is a necessity for humans to survive. For some of us, it's as easy as turning a knob on the faucet. The supply of the wet stuff seems endless, and what a great way to cool off in the heat of ... Read More »

Glycerine Hazards?

Glycerin is a sweet tasting thick liquid made by combining water and fat. The fat is derived from vegetables, coconuts or animals. It is used as a solvent, humectant and emollient in many persona... Read More »

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