The Hazards of Benzene Fumes?

Answer At room temperature, benzene, also known as benzol, is a colorless or light yellow liquid. It has a sweet odor and is highly inflammable. Benzene very quickly evaporates into the air and its vapor,... Read More »

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Why Does My Car Emit Gas Fumes?

Early automobiles were touted as having less gas emissions than the horse and buggy, but with so many cars on the road today, exhaust emissions have great concerns for our environment.

What is benzene used for?

The chemical, benzene is used to make resins, plastics and synthetic fibers. In addition, benzene is used to make rubber, lubricants, pesticides and detergents. Benzene is a natural component of ga... Read More »

What is benzene?

Benzene is a common chemical used in a wide array of industrial and chemical processes. Exposure to benzene can trigger a number of serious health conditions, including leukemia, low fetal birth we... Read More »

How to Take Paint Fumes Out of Your Car Glass?

Paint fumes can stay in your car for days or even weeks. While there are many products and techniques for getting paint fumes out of upholstery, there aren't many effective techniques for getting f... Read More »