The Gray Parrot Diet?

Answer The African gray parrot is a parrot native to Western and Central Africa. These parrots live in large groups in the rain forest or savanna. The African gray parrot grows to about 13 inches in lengt... Read More »

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Healthy People Foods for an African Gray Parrot?

African gray parrots are medium-sized parrots that are treasured as pets for their intelligence and speaking abilities. They need lots of personal attention and like to be included as part of the f... Read More »

The Grey Parrot Diet?

Also known as African grey parrots, or Psittacus erithacus, grey parrots are one of the most popular pet parrots in the world. notes that there may be several subspecies of grey parrot... Read More »

Princess Parrot Diet?

Australia's rare and beautiful Princess Parrot is known for its bright green plumage, pink throat patch, and long, tapering tail. The bird's population numbers started to decline in the early 90's ... Read More »

Can I put my Quaker parrot in the same cage with my African grey parrot?

Most parrot cages are too small to house more than one parrot the size of an African grey, even if the cage mate is a small Quaker parrot. Both of these species can be aggressive, especially in cra... Read More »