The Good Reasons to Have Debt?

Answer While none of us want to owe money to anyone, many Americans carry debt. This debt can affect our ability to get a loan by the way it appears on credit scores. Not all debt appears the same way on ... Read More »

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Reasons for UK Consumer Debt Increase?

Consumer debt is outstanding, or unpaid, consumer credit. It is also sometimes called personal or household debt. Reuters reported in April 2010 that personal debt, including mortgages, in the U.K.... Read More »

Is debt consolidation or debt relief a good idea?

On One Hand: Reduce or Minimize Your BillsDebt relief and debt consolidation programs offer to reduce monthly bills, or eliminate certain debts completely. Total Debt Relief is one company that mak... Read More »

10 Good Reasons for Getting a GED?

GED stands for General Education Diploma; you can earn your GED by taking a standardized exam that tests your knowledge of the things you learned in high school. The GED was first developed in 1942... Read More »

Good Reasons to Look for Another Job?

For some people, deciding to leave a job for another one is a difficult decision. Many people value job security, even if they are unhappy or underpaid. Although you may experience a level of comfo... Read More »