The Good & Bad About Foam Insulation?

Answer Insulation forms a barrier between a home's interior and exterior. During winter, insulation will keep cold air outside the home while trapping heat from your furnace indoors. During summer, insula... Read More »

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How much oil goes into polyurethane foam insulation?

The latest polyurethane foams are more environmentally friendly than their predecessors, insofar as they contain up to 12% of oil derived from castor or soy beans; the remaining 88%, though, still ... Read More »

How much does foam insulation cost?

The cost of foam insulation depends on its R-value---the quality of thermal resistance. For an attic, adding insulation may cost around $0.50 to $2.25 for each square foot. To add foam insulation... Read More »

Where can you use spray foam insulation?

Spray foam insulation is being used more often for insulating both large areas, such as attics and walls, and smaller areas that are harder to fill completely with traditional insulating materials... Read More »

How much spray foam insulation do I need?

The amount of spray foam insulation needed varies depending on the square footage of the area being insulated, the type of building being insulated, and how thick the insulation needs to be.Source:... Read More »