The Four Major Carbon Compounds in Rank by Size?

Answer Carbon is one of the most abundant elements in nature. It is nonmetallic, and vital for life. It occurs in crystalline form, as in diamond and graphite, or a noncrystalline form, as in charcoal or ... Read More »

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Compounds Containing a Four-Ring Carbon Structure?

In some organic compounds, carbon atoms bind with hydrogen and other atoms to form a closed circular molecular structure or "carbon ring." Different compounds have a distinct number of carbon rings... Read More »

Four Major Groups of Organic Compounds That Compose Living Organisms?

Scientists usually refer to compounds that contain the element carbon as organic, although some carbon-containing compounds are not organic. Carbon is unique among other elements because it can bon... Read More »

Is the rank Command Sergeant Major 1 a high rank in the navy?

Which Navy did you have in mind? There is no such rank in the US Navy. Command Sergeant Major is a high enlisted rank in the US Army, and denotes the senior NCO of whatever unit or element they hol... Read More »

Important Compounds of Carbon?

Carbon is an element in the periodic table bearing an electron configuration of 2.4. This implies it is a group four element as it has four valence electrons. The electron configuration also implie... Read More »