The Foods That Sea Anemones Eat?

Answer To many people, sea anemones look like exotically beautiful flowers. Most anemones remain rooted in one spot for their whole lives, clustered with others in what may appear to be an undersea garden... Read More »

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Are anemones naturally drawn to each other in an aquarium fish tank?

Anemones are invertebrates characterized by a bag of skin filled with water, a small mouth in the center of the disc-shaped body, and tentacles radiating out. Some species have a sucker-like foot t... Read More »

Why does eating "junk food" and processed foods and "Fatty foods" make one feel apathetic over time?

Hi. Well the main reason to eat food is to gain nutrients. It takes great bodily energy to digest and move food through the body, if the food fails to nourish as it passes through, then cells canno... Read More »

Fresh Foods Compared to Frozen Foods?

When you run by the grocery store for a weeknight meal, chances are you'll grab a prepared frozen meal or at least frozen produce at some point. Frozen fruits and vegetables tend to cost less than ... Read More »

Can you name 3 foods that you like with Butter 3 foods that you like with French Fries?

Baked potatoCorn on the cobBreadI rarely eat french fries.They are good when dipped in buffalo sauce.Or covered with chipotle seasoning.(((Scooter))) :)